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Vain Wisdom updated

The newest chapter to my monsterous WIP is now up on Ashwinder. As each chapter is beta'ed by the wonderful melusin_79, updates should be regular.

For any and all who still read my fic, it is done.

But it is so dang long and multi-plot I have been over analyzing the tinest detail and making myself stupid.

melusin_79 my decade long beta has been so understanding. My fic has been one of her first WIPs that she has worked on, and she never EVER gave me crap about it.

If anything, she taught me how to write JKR (not AMERICAN) and not be fangirly. In my beginning chapters I chose to ignore A LOT of her input, but now I ask myself, "Would melusin_79 tell me to get this the fuck out?"

She never spoke to me like that, I kid. She is the ideal beta for my personality. I don't need to be told I write well. I don't need to be told my fic is good. BUT she will tell me believable language between characters and if said characters are "true" to themselves or not. My biggest compliment for my fic has been the dialogue and character development. My beta was a HUGE inspiration because she NEVER babied me, and I love that about her.

I hope I don't embarass her as I write this but the amazing woman deserves some praise. Despite all her personal stuff she is going through I randomly contact her saying my fic is finished and she instantly said she would beta it. Beta it after YEARS.

melusin_79 Is so hardcore.
... Is auctioning off the contents of his studio in Pasadena, CA. If you are in our area, you are more then welcome to come to the studio and bid on such rare items. I will be there fighting tooth and nail for his coffee maker. 

If not, please support this amazing writer and genius by bidding online for one of his scripts, posters, and HBO memorabilia. Except for the coffee maker. THAT IS MINE.

As you can tell by my fervor, I will forever love anything and everything related to my heartless WIP Vain Wisdom All and False Philosophy. Yes, I am still writing it. Yes, I am taking forever. Yes, it sucks. But I will never give up.

... and I will have Mr. Knauf's coffee maker.

Controversial stance regarding a WIP

This debate had been... debated... over and over again, and here I am taking my stance. 
I know what it is like to be an obsessive fanfic reader, and completely throw yourself into a story... only to have it abandoned for years. You want to see said fic finished. You NEED to see said fic finished. To the  point you fantasize and dream, and fantasize and dream in bed (hehe).
A N Llewellyn has been one of my favorite authors on Ashwinder since I'd been a newb lurker who lost sleep, ignored everything and everyone around until I finished: and never reviewed, we'd all been there.
I will finish her WIP. It has been years since she'd contacted anyone, via message or review. I'd contacted her multiple times via fanfic.net and LJ, asking her to finish her story.
That was years ago, and I am no longer asking. I will finish as I've fantasized. If she happens to notice much later, I had let her know that I will be more than happy to change the story as she sees fit, out of good faith. After all, I want to read her fic to begin with.
But, what it really boils down to, where I take my stance is... fanfictions are NOT our stories. They ALLLLL belong to JKR because she had not Riced us and declared everything illegal and forbidden. If it wasn't for JKR's good's graces we wouldn't be gifted to write and display squat. Therefore, the awesomeness we have been ALLOWED to create in her playground may deserve mutual respect and allowances... but if you ignore said attempts for respect, you've forfeited everything.

Vain Wisdom All and False Philosophy

Is not abandoned! Noooooooo. And I have proof... 

I am writing this bitch by hand, yo. That, and I am no longer the "starving student" young spring chicken that started this motha' 6 years ago. Life and job' raped my life and put my baby on hold. But I can honestly say Vain Wisdom is my first and only baby! 

Have yet to give sooooo many shout outs and kudos to those deserved, mainly my dedicated readers and my first and best beta melusin_79, but I have to bring everyone's attention to Gwarthy! She's on all the archives, she reviews and gives love where it is due. I especially HEART her since she is taking the time to translate my fic into Russian which can be found Here and Here.   Also want to shout out to brisingamen for creating a fanart based on my epic. Check it out here: DeviantARt.

And of course, who can forget bulletimescully for her continuous and neverending love for my fic and producing fanart, even when I had shown signs of falling off the flat side of the earth.

Love you all, hope for and wish you the best ;)


Wanking your wank

 I'm trying, and it's never ending. And I'm enjoying every moment of it.

Either finishing my WIPs or responding to my much appreciated reviews... every moment is a blessing.

And I came into writing fanfic with the full awareness that I'd hopefully do something beyond the imagination of an author and fandom I adore.

Piss on it I shall not. 

Copy. Save. Pass it around if you please. Truly, it would please me. 

After all, what requests do I dare to make on stories I'd written based on characters I never invented to begin with?




 I suck at using this thing. My time between fic updates REALLY suck.

But at least I submitted the next chapter to Vain Wisdom All and False Philosophy to the beta!

SOMETHING is moving, finally. 
Off topic (which anything non Harry Potter or True Blood tends to be for me...)

But my boyfriend was emailed a French scan of a review for their CD from a kind, but non-english speaking fan. It's a fairly short paragraph and we're DYING to know what it says.

Does anyone who has the time and energy willing to translate for us? I'll email the scan.


Obligatory catch up post... and groveling

I've been MIA for the past month. I have many, many reasons, none of which are excuses. Needlessly to say, I am out rehap(useless)--out of the Karen-Carpenter-love-fest ward (gag, literally) and have returned to the nitty gritty of what I have missed the most.

I believe I have emailed/contacted the obligations that have been neglected:
--southernwitch69  and Potter Place

So please, if you have emailed me or are awaiting a response from me, send it again! My unread emails are a mess, and I TWITCH at the idea of being considered a flake.

To all I have inconvenienced, you cannot believe my level of guilt and apology.


OWL Awards

 I did not think I'd come away with anything in the OWL Awards. Not only was my fic against such heavy competition, but there were so many fics nominated in the same categories. So I humbly thank those of you who voted for Bound to Happen(Again) for Best Challenge and Best Drama. I am profoundly grateful and overjoyed to snab Second and Third Class awards. And thank you to the lovely admin team at OWL for putting their time and sweat into the awards every year.


After much deliberation and research, I've begun taking the ECA Stack again. The risks are many, but I intend to be responsible, and *it works* gosh dammit. At home combination, of course. Like they even sell good diet pills anymore. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about (probably the young'ins) Wiki is your friend.


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